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The top-quality product of Jin Young is maintained and developed by outstanding engineering technique and the greatest collection of machines. Continuous investment in facilities and management know-how is the base of our key competitiveness.

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The highest quality machines from Karl Mayer of Germany make top-class products.

  • lace machine
    Lace Machine
    - Jacquardtronic
    - Textronic
    - Normal Raschel
  • Circular Knitting Machine
    Circular Knitting Machine
    - Single Plain
    - Single Jacquard
    - Double Jacquard
  • Tricot Machine
    Tricot Machine
    - Plain Tricot
    - Jacquard Tricot
  • Textile Printing Machine
    Textile Printing Machine
    - Auto Screen Textile Printing


20 designers are creating novel designs speedily and thoroughly, to meet diverse needs of customers.